Joining Slots Tournaments

Slot tournaments are not new in the field of casino tourneys. In fact, they are one of the most frequently played tourneys in casinos because they are simple, and you don’t have to have exceptional playing skills in order to get a fair shot at winning. You only need to sign up for the specific tourney, and you’re good to go. Tournaments involving popular casino card games require players to have exceptional skills in order to join the tourneys, and they play at different tables going up one level every time they win. In slot tournaments, there are naturally no tables, and you don’t have the luxury of time deciding your next move. In slot tournaments, you are under time pressure.

How a Slot Tourney is Played

Basically, after you sign up for the tournament, you will be given a specific slot machine where you can play and an allotted time to play. You will also be given a certain amount of money to play with. All players are given the same amount and the same playing time.

You wait for your turn on the slot, while the others are still playing. When it is your turn, simply go to your designated slot and start playing when you hear the signal. You just keep on playing until your time is up.

The slots go on automatic lockdown when you’ve used up all of your allotted time, which means you cannot get in one more play. You wait for the tournament personnel to go to you so they can write down how many winning combos you hit. Naturally, the one with the most number of winning hits wins the round.

Slot Tourneys

While it is true that you don’t need any special kind of skills to play in slot tournaments, nevertheless, there are ways you can do to at least maximize your time on your machine.

First of all, since all of you will be given the same amount of credits to play with and the same allotted time, this means everyone gets an equal opportunity in the slot tourney. If you haven’t played in a slot tourney before, you might not understand the importance of maximizing your credits and your time.

An important thing to remember in these slot tourneys is that you just keep going and going until you’ve used up all your credits. It is more important to use up all your credits since you cannot use them anymore.
Don’t pause unless your machine is recording your points; otherwise, keep on pressing the hit button. The more hits you make, the greater your chances of getting winning points.

Playing Slots Progressive Games

Playing the slot machines is the easiest game you could ever play in casinos, whether online or in the usual land casinos. The dynamics are so simple. Place the coin in the slot or make the necessary deposit and then hit the lever or the button to wait for the right combination.

Hitting the perfect combination will automatically reward the player with cash incentives. Depending on which machine you play or what type of slot you choose online, the cash prizes may vary.

Progressive Slots

The best kind of slots that you can play is the progressive slots because they give the highest payouts. There are also different types of progressive slots, and these vary depending on your chosen casinos. There are progressive slots that add up to the total of the jackpot by taking from the total money deposited to the said machine per play. This type of slot machine or online slot is independent and is run by one casino operator only.

Then there are also the progressive slots where a certain number of slots are connected to one another in one casino, and the same rule applies. The jackpot increases as the number of players increase, but only still in just one particular casino.

The biggest progressive slot, however, is the one where it is connected to other slot machines in other casinos because the increase in the jackpot is rapid and higher. Hitting this one will surely be life-altering for you.

Progressive Slots Online

The good news is that you no longer have to go to the nearest casino to play in slot machines. If you have a good internet connection, you can easily play progressive slots online. This is one innovation by the casinos that avid slot players are happy about.

As in the traditional casinos, progressive slots operate the same way again, depending on where you choose to play. Others have their independent progressive slots while others have theirs connected to other slots by other online providers. Getting the right combination will also give you the jackpot as if you played it in a live casino.

To find the good ones, you have to do a little research on the internet and check out the different online slot providers before depositing your money to any one of them. The progressive slots should tell you up front how much is at stake already and how much you stand to gain if you keep playing.

Slots History – How It All Started

Slots are, of course, those attractive machines you see in a special section of any casino and where you see all sorts of people sitting in front of them, holding their coin buckets and putting in coin after coin after coin in the hopes of getting a winning pattern. Simple as they may seem to play, there’s a lot more to these slot machines than meets the eye. For one thing, its history is one that is taken from the ordinary and which evolved into something bigger than its inventor could have ever imagined. After all, Charles Fey was just a simple mechanic who had spare time on his hands and who loved to tinker about in his basement.

The First Slot Machine

Some time around the late 1890s, Charles Fey created his very 1st slot. It had 3 reels and 4 characters. However, since the machine didn’t have yet a sophisticated design for long-term play, this flaw made it easier for players to win the game since they could pretty much determine the combinations that will come out because they could manipulate the reels through the lever.

Another flaw was that, when the machine gets too heavy with coins, it has the tendency to lean, thereby making it easy for the excessive coins to pour out, giving the player winnings even if the didn’t really hit a good combination.

Liberty Bell was the 1st slot by Mr. Fey, and then developments started taking place, wanting to make the machine even better. Silent Bell was born because it made no loud noises when it was being played.

Other innovators jumped in and helped develop the machine even further, making it easier to play and lesser to cheat in.

Slots Today

By the 1960s, slot machines have evolved from being simple machines to one that is run electronically, and aesthetic designs were included to make them more attractive. By mid-1970, video slots have made an appearance in casinos. Although they weren’t as widely accepted as their machine counterparts, by the time the late 1970s came and the invention of video poker came around, this catapulted the video slot into stardom.

Today, there are many variations of the slot games, and with these now also accessible on the internet, this has only made the game more popular among the slot lovers as well as the new online casino players.
The evolution of the slot doesn’t stop here. To date, there are still many developments being made in order to give better slot games to players and make these more interesting as time goes by.

Which Popular Slots Should You Play?

By far, one of the easier games you could ever play in a casino is the slot machine. If it’s your first time to visit a casino, you are more than likely to try your luck on the slot machines first before visiting any of the tables. It’s fun, it’s easy, and you don’t have to rely on a dealer to pace your game.

You can keep on playing for as long as you keep putting in your coins in the slots. However, playing is one thing, and winning is a whole other dimension. First-time slot players get confused when they hit a winning combination and don’t get zilch. They get angry and frustrated only to realize that they failed to understand what type of slot machine they were playing on.

It is therefore very important that you understand what type of slot you’re playing before putting in any of your coins.

Slot Types

Slot machines vary on their payout and not exactly on how they look like. Payouts are displayed in front of the machines or the virtual slots if you’re playing online. You must remember to also check the amount your chosen slot requires for you to play. For instance, there are slots that have a minimum dollar requirement for you to start playing, so don’t be surprised if you put in a dime and the machine coughs it out.

Secondly, machines have certain prizes for certain combinations. Not all machines require that you hit all the same characters in order to win a prize. There are machines that will give you cash incentives when you hit one certain character or a certain combination. If you play with a single coin, you will only be rewarded for one correct character.

If you play with double coins, you will naturally get paid for two correct characters in one combination and so forth.

The Most Popular Slot Games

When you consider the jackpot, playing the progressive slots is the best type of slot since it will give you the biggest jackpot there is among all slot types. These are more popular in terms of getting the largest payout. However, if you prefer not to spend too much on your slot games, your best option will be the regular slots.

Popular slots are also not hard to find on the internet. Chances are, the ones that you regularly play at in traditional casinos are also online. Also, you will know which ones are popular by the number of payouts they have already given, so check these out as well.

Playing Free Slots Online

The advantage of having slot games on the internet is that you can play them for free. In live casinos, you only get free games when you hit a certain combination that rewards you with a free spin. In online casinos, you don’t have to play a certain number of times or win a certain combination before getting a free turn. This is good news for people who have never tried playing slot games on the internet before. These free slot games will help them get acclimatized with the way the game is played online before actually playing ones for real money.

How to Look for Free Slots Online

The fastest and easiest way to find the best free casino slots online is through the use of the popular search engines on the internet. When you are given the links that will direct you to some of the casino sites that offer such free games, beware that you don’t immediately click on any of the slots until you’ve thoroughly read the casino’s terms and other important details.

Unfortunately, there are some apparently free slot games that once you click on will require you to sign up for something, so don’t just go on clicking any of the slots online, no matter how fun and attractive they look.

Your best option is to go directly to those online casino sites where you can first browse through their entire site, check out their games, like poker, bingo and roulette, read their terms and conditions, and find out if there are conditions that go with playing their free slot games.

Different Slot Versions

You will also encounter slots that differ from one another based on where you’re playing. There are likewise free slots for different versions, so you will know exactly how to play each type before you play for money.

This is actually where playing free slots will come in handy. If you’re not used to playing slots and you don’t know how to interpret one slot from the next, the free slots will help you understand how each combination could give you incentives and how you can actually win when you hit the winning combo.

Online slot providers usually allow you to play their free slots to introduce to you the kinds of slots that they offer. This way, they make you feel that you don’t have to sign up for any of their slots just to enjoy their games.