Which Popular Slots Should You Play?

By far, one of the easier games Betguru365.com you could ever play in a casino is the slot machine.  If it’s your first time to visit a casino, you are more than likely to try your luck on the slot machines first before visiting any of the tables.  It’s fun, it’s easy, and you don’t have to rely on a dealer to pace your game.

You can keep on playing for as long as you keep putting in your coins in the slots.  However, playing is one thing, and winning is a whole other dimension.  First-time slot players get confused when they hit a winning combination and don’t get zilch.  They get angry and frustrated only to realize that they failed to understand what type of slot machine they were playing on.

It is therefore very important that you understand what type of slot you’re playing before putting in any of your coins.

Slot Types

Slot machines vary on their payout and not exactly on how they look like.  Payouts are displayed in front of the machines or the virtual slots if you’re playing online.  You must remember to also check the amount your chosen slot requires for you to play.  For instance, there are slots that have a minimum dollar requirement for you to start playing, so don’t be surprised if you put in a dime and the machine coughs it out.

Secondly, machines have certain prizes for certain combinations.  Not all machines require that you hit all the same characters in order to win a prize.  There are machines that will give you cash incentives when you hit one certain character or a certain combination.  If you play with a single coin, you will only be rewarded for one correct character.

If you play with double coins, you will naturally get paid for two correct characters in one combination and so forth.

The Most Popular Slot

When you consider the jackpot, playing the progressive slots is the best type of slot since it will give you the biggest jackpot there is among all slot types.  These are more popular in terms of getting the largest payout.  However, if you prefer not to spend too much on your slot games, your best option will be the regular slots.

Popular slots are also not hard to find on the internet.  Chances are, the ones that you regularly play at in traditional casinos are also online.  Also, you will know which ones are popular by the number of payouts they have already given, so check these out as well.