Joining Slots Tournaments

Slot tournaments are not new in the field of casino tourneys.  In fact, they are one of the most frequently played tourneys in casinos because they are simple, and you don’t have to have exceptional playing skills in order to get a fair shot at winning. You only need to sign up for the specific tourney, and you’re good to go.  Tournaments involving popular casino card games require players to have exceptional skills in order to join the tourneys, and they play at different tables going up one level every time they win. In slot tournaments, there are naturally no tables, and you don’t have the luxury of time deciding your next move.  In slot tournaments, you are under time pressure.

How a Slot Tourney is Played

Basically, after you sign up for the tournament, you will be given a specific slot machine where you can play and an allotted time to play.  You will also be given a certain amount of money to play with.  All players are given the same amount and the same playing time.

You wait for your turn on the slot, while the others are still playing.  When it is your turn, simply go to your designated slot and start playing when you hear the signal.  You just keep on playing until your time is up.

The slots go on automatic lockdown when you’ve used up all of your allotted time, which means you cannot get in one more play.  You wait for the tournament personnel to go to you so they can write down how many winning combos you hit.  Naturally, the one with the most number of winning hits wins the round.

Slot Tourneys

While it is true that you don’t need any special kind of skills to play in slot tournaments, nevertheless, there are ways you can do to at least maximize your time on your machine.

First of all, since all of you will be given the same amount of credits to play with and the same allotted time, this means everyone gets an equal opportunity in the slot tourney.  If you haven’t played in a slot tourney before, you might not understand the importance of maximizing your credits and your time.

An important thing to remember in these slot tourneys is that you just keep going and going until you’ve used up all your credits.  It is more important to use up all your credits since you cannot use them anymore.

Don’t pause unless your machine is recording your points; otherwise, keep on pressing the hit button.  The more hits you make, the greater your chances of getting winning points.