Slots History - How It All Started

Slots are, of course, those attractive machines you see in a special section of any casino and where you see all sorts of people sitting in front of them, holding their coin buckets and putting in coin after coin after coin in the hopes of getting a winning pattern. Simple as they may seem to play, there’s a lot more to these slot machines than meets the eye.  For one thing, its history is one that is taken from the ordinary and which evolved into something bigger than its inventor could have ever imagined. After all, Charles Fey was just a simple mechanic who had spare time on his hands and who loved to tinker about in his basement.

The First Slot Machine

Some time around the late 1890s, Charles Fey created his very 1st slot.  It had 3 reels and 4 characters. However, since the machine didn’t have yet a sophisticated design for long-term play, this flaw made it easier for players to win the game since they could pretty much determine the combinations that will come out because they could manipulate the reels through the lever.

Another flaw was that, when the machine gets too heavy with coins, it has the tendency to lean, thereby making it easy for the excessive coins to pour out, giving the player winnings even if the didn’t really hit a good combination.

Liberty Bell was the 1st slot by Mr. Fey, and then developments started taking place, wanting to make the machine even better.  Silent Bell was born because it made no loud noises when it was being played.

Other innovators jumped in and helped develop the machine even further, making it easier to play and lesser to cheat in.

Slots Today

By the1960s, slot machines have evolved from being simple machines to one that is run electronically, and aesthetic designs were included to make them more attractive.  By mid-1970, video slots have made an appearance in casinos.  Although they weren’t as widely accepted as their machine counterparts, by the time the late 1970s came and the invention of video poker came around, this catapulted the video slot into stardom.

Today, there are many variations of the slot games, and with these now also accessible on the internet, this has only made the game more popular among the slot lovers as well as the new online casino players.

The evolution of the slot doesn’t stop here.  To date, there are still many developments being made in order to give better slot games to players and make these more interesting as time goes by.